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The dates for the Schools Recycle Right Challenge are Monday 7 October to Friday 15 November 2019.

We provide free recycling activity guides, lesson plans and Australian school event ideas, designed to engage students and teachers to learn by doing and having fun! Our Getting Started Guide will help you plan and promote your Schools Recycle Right Challenge activities.

Registered activity coordinators will have access to other resources throughout the year.


Recycling is not a con. Here's why
13-Apr-19   Ryan Collins

The waste and recycling industry has been under the spotlight recently causing Australians to ask "Should we keep recycling?" Planet Ark says yes, and this is why.

Consumers choose Planet Ark as Australia's most ethical and sustainable organisation
28-Feb-19   Josh Cole

Australia's leading Consumer Trends Report focusing on sustainability and health (LOHAS 6) has found that Planet Ark is the brand most reputed to operate in a 'responsible, sustainable, environmentally friendly or ethical manner'.

Important green dates for the 2019 school calendar
12-Dec-18   Claire Bell

2019 will be here before we know it, when planning for the coming school year get these dates on the calendar so your school doesn't miss out on doing its bit for the environment.