School Competition Winning Stories 2016

Primary School Winner

You Beez Cobi 

“James”, Beatrix cried, Beatrix is a beast, she’s always confiscating me, but not that James cares, “Get down here!”

“Coming mom,” James called.


“Just give me a chance to move”, James hollered down the stairs. He grabbed me from my wireless charger, and knocked open the door. He clawed his way down the stairs but tripped up the last one,”awww”, James moaned, stretching up before squatting back down. I saw him look around shiftily; searching for Beatrix, then sticking a grubby finger up his nose, sniff it and wedge it in his ear. He sucked on it for a few beats before sticking it on his collar,” what a beauty, I’ll save you for later, a whopper that was”, he muttered. He picked me up and flipped me in his palm, I gave a glitch, “old crackpot, why can’t I get a I-phone 17, ahh with a sleek silver case and 2000 free ring tones, plus 12 moving cow emojs that recite your voice controlled text in any language you want. But nooo, I’m stuck with an old glitchy I-phone 9”, he sneezed and his saliva smothered my cracked screen. Yep, good old James. 

“Tweet,222,tweet,2”, James whistled as he jogged down Simone Street, a known hot spot for thieves, “tweetledett222”, he hummed as I banged around in his back pocket. I heard a thump behind me as I jumped up and down in the pocket, James didn’t hear, he was listening to his iPod. Black engulfed me-black-a hooded figure-black-he was getting closer-black. Siri rung,” traffic is low 5 mins to super market” –black- the man threw back his hood-black- dirty blonde hair blew closer-black-closer-black- worn hands-black….. he bolted. I jingled in his hand, the thief jogged into a alley and looked at me I flicked on, he attempted to crack my password, but gave up and tossed me to the ground, Siri glitched,” 5 ah ah mins to ah ah super market ohhhhh”. “Ha, some kids ain’t gonna miss this, he kicked me into a tipped over trash can, right as a Garbo truck pulled up…

“Tweet, 2222”, Jason, I thought, excited, yesterday must have been an artificial memory card holding a virus that the old Nokia next to me must have been carrying. Wait, why is there a Nokia next to me? Our screens flickered on, the Nokia showed a message. “Hello, who r u?”. Personally I think it’s just wrong for old phones, especially Nokia’s, to use text slang, but I just replied,” I’m James I-phone, who r u?”

“I beez Gibi, what beez you name?”

Annoyed to repeat myself I said,” James I-phone.”

“No, what beez YOUR name?”

“What do you mean?”

“My name beez Gibi your name beez?”

“Oh, I don’t have a name.”

“? Ok you can beez called hmmmm, Cobi, ya Gibi and Cobi.”

OK, I was starting to like Gibi even if she was a Nokia and used text slang, “Where r we?”

“Were in recycling,” she replied.

“What, nooooo!”

“Nothing wrong beezing in recycle.”

“We’ll get mashed into, into sewerage pipes or grape juice packets!”

“I beez thinking that’s plastic breezing in pipes.”

“What evs.”

A grimy hand was lowering into the box filled with phones, all were dead except for Gibi and I. The hand was getting closer, closer….

Siri cried, “5 minutes to supermarket”, that was not helpful; soon I would be in a supermarket, as a JUICEBOX!

I flickered on, I was on James bed, and James was putting on his runners. So, I did just have a memory card virus, maybe that old Nokia next to me gave it to me, wait, Nokia?

“Mum, come get your phone, it’s in my room”

“Why is it there?” Beatrix cried,

“How do I now? James screeched. The Nokia’s light turned on; her screen was covered in bad text slang, my screen showed a message, “Gibi?” She, wouldn’t remember me, it was all a memory malfunction, suddenly her screen flashed,

“And you beez Cobi”


Secondary School Winner

Gary The Phone

Hello everyone my name is Gary the phone, I am an average phone that everyone used to have. I was bought on 1st January in the year 2013, which was pretty long ago, considering it has being almost 4 years since I was bought by a person named Harry, the first few weeks were pretty good, I was treated with so much care but after a while things weren't the same, I always kept falling on the floor and I kept breaking.

And finally when the new advanced version of me ( Gary the phone 2) came out, I was forgotten, not being used anymore and finally being ended up in the recycling gin to be recycled, I was actually really glad that I ended up in the appropriate recycling bin, so I could be re-used and maybe be some help to others. 

I was in the recycling bin because I was given another chance to be useful. When I first reached there there were several tests performed on me to make sure I wasn’t stolen and they did this by checking my IMEI number against the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) database. When I reached there I realised I was a lot more useful then I actually thought, for example even my handsets were valuable because they contained small quantities of metals such as platinum, gold, silver and copper which may end up as jewellery. My batteries also contained a nickel which could be combined into stainless steel for saucepans. The plastic would be melted down to make traffic cones and I was also checked for some spare parts that I might contain and would be still useful. Also most phones contain precious metals and plastics that can be recyc

led to save energy and resources that would otherwise be required to mine or manufacture. If I ended up as waste in landfill, I could have polluted the air and contaminate soil and drinking water. There are several  chemicals inside me like Nickel, Cadmium, mercury, Lithium, Silver and lead, these chemicals can cause high damage on the environment as they take about 20 years or more to decompose. Also as these chemicals can easily contaminate the soil, which would lead to contaminated drinking water, which can cause harm in the nervous system and vital organs which is mainly cause by Lithium (main ingredient in batteries), also Nickel, Cadmium, and Silver have also been linked to organ damage. Phones require a lot of rare chemicals in order to process the way they do. The image that is shown at the bottom of the page is called “The rare-earth mineral mine”, this is one of the mine where the requirements of phones are. This mine was once a place with beautiful landscape but soon everything had to be cut down due to the essential needs of a phone. This mine contains minerals like neodymium are usedin magnets that make speakers vibrate to create sound. Cerium gets put into a solvent that workers use to polish devices as they move along the assembly line.

While I was at the recycling centre, I met a lot of other phones too, we all talked about how lucky we were to end up in a recycling bin rather than on landfill as waste. All of us also talked about our cruel lives given by our previous owners, but we were now here to be re-used.

I knew what was gonna happen next, I knew about the life ahead of me, I was gonna be used not just as a recycled phone, perhaps also as jewellery because of my handsets which contained platinum, gold, silver and copper,  maybe a traffic cone because of the plastic inside me etc… I was gonna be so much more effective to people and the environment than I ever was before. Ending up in the recycling bin was one of the best experiences I had faced.