Schools Big Thrift

An exciting new activity for your Schools Recycle Right Challenge

Want to raise funds for your school this National Recycling Week? The Schools Big Thrift is an exciting, world first initiative involving school students all over Australia!

We've teamed up with Charitizer so that you can get involved with the Schools Big Thrift. Charitizer provides an easy-to-use online platform where users can sell quality unwanted items (toys, clothes, books, etc), donate a % of the sale to a cause, like Planet Ark, and keep the rest for your school. 

Students have the chance to connect with each other, give unused items their next life and learn basic business skills. All while helping out a great cause. 


Why get involved in Schools Big Thrift?

  • Raise money for your school and your chosen charity (e.g. Planet Ark)
  • Provide students with a fun, engaging way to help the environment, learn new skills and incorporate teachings
  • Re-using resources is very important to the environment and is an action we should try and take before recycling where possible
  • Teach students the value of second-hand items


Why Charitize unwanted items? 

By reusing or sharing products like toys, clothes or sports equipment instead of buying new ones, we reduce the consumption of water, energy, fuel and valuable natural resources, and reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.


When is the Schools Big Thrift?

Schools Big Thrift will commence on the 1 November 2018 and ramp toward Buy It Back Day on the 17 November 2018. 


How do we get involved?

  1. Let Planet Ark know you're getting involved in the Schools Recycle Right Challenge by registering here.
  2. After that, students, teachers and classes can register online at Charitizer or download Charitizer in the app stores. Users select Planet Ark or School fundraising pages.
  3. Participants can upload an item, at no charge, by including an image, description, and percentage of the sale price to donate to your selected cause. The item will appear for all Charitizer users to purchase. 
  4. Once the item is sold, the donation is immediately shared with Planet Ark or your school and shown on the selected cause page. Participants can see real-time updates of total funds raised.
  5. Report back to the school about how many items you've helped keep out of landfill and how much money you've raised via your cause page on Charitizer. 

Now it's time to start thrift shopping for yourself! Search the Charitizer website for treasure and Buy It Back.


Happy thrifting! 

Download our instruction packs

Schools Big Thrift: Staff and Parents Guide

Schools Big Thrift: Students Instruction Manual

Need help? 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or if you have any technical questions for Charitzer email or call (02) 800 74 111.