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Four Eyes For Recycling

Date: 23-Mar-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley

After your pup has finished with them, you can donate old glasses © Rebecca Gredley

After your pup has finished with them, you can donate old glasses

You might see clearly with your frames on, but it’s not always clear if glasses can be recycled or not.  We’ve found some options so your old frames can have a new life and help those in need to get optimal optics.

We also take a look at Dresden optics an innovative company making frames from all sorts of recycled plastic.


PersonalEYES collect prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses and provide them to people around the world who can’t afford glasses. If you have old glasses at home, donating them is as simple as posting them in a padded bag. Find where to send them


Lions Recycle for Sight Australia

This program distributes your old glasses across the world to Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs and other humanitarian organisations, who then distribute them to people who can’t afford glasses. The program has been running for the past 15 years in Australia, as part of the Lions Clubs International Worldwide Eyeglasses Recycling Program. Since it began, 2.5 million pairs of glasses have been distributed to those in need. Find out more about the program, including where to donate your old glasses.


Dresden Optics

Dresden optics make fun, colourful frames from a completely recyclable nylon called Grilamid. They have also made frames from recovered ocean plastic, milk bottle lids and beer keg caps. When their frames have met their end of life they can be recycled by Replas, so they can be repurposed yet again. Dresden optics are a wonderful example of a closed loop product that are made right here in Australia. To see what they’re up to check them out on Facebook


Rebecca                                           Gredley
Author: Rebecca Gredley

Rebecca worked at the Daily and Sunday Telegraph before joining Planet Ark’s media and PR team in 2015 till 2016.

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