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How Does Laundry Powder Help Trees Grow?

Date: 30-May-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley

The power of oranges - Orange Power benefits your home and planet in more ways than one! © Orange Power

The power of oranges - Orange Power benefits your home and planet in more ways than one!

How does your choice of laundry powder help trees grow? Or dishwashing liquid make recycling better? Pretty easily actually! Since 2008, Aware Environmental Solutions, the maker of Orange Power and Aware products, has contributed over $750,000 towards Planet Ark’s campaigns turning your purchasing decisions into more trees and better recycling. 

It goes to show that small choices can lead to big impacts.

Andrew Chaney from Aware Environmental says the relationship with Planet Ark is important because it helps customers understand his company's commitment to the environment.

"We are very proud of our environmental credentials which is why we are happy for Planet Ark to review our products and verify that we are meeting our commitments to customers and the planet. We want our customers to be able to make better choices with confidence," he said.

So from all of us at Planet Ark, thank you for choosing Orange Power and Aware products. Not only are they effective, but you can be assured they are better for your health and home and they help us run our campaigns including National Tree Day, National Recycling Week and RecyclingNearYou.

That’s how laundry power helps trees grow. 

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Help Us Do Even More 

Find out more information about the Planet Ark Endorsed Orange Power and Aware ranges, including a full list of products and where to buy them.   



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