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Keeping Warm for the Planet

Date: 30-May-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley

Winter is the perfect time to show off your layering skills! © Andrew Vargas

Winter is the perfect time to show off your layering skills!

The silly season may be long gone but it's made way for a new time of year...the chilly season!

Did you know that during winter, up to 40% of the heat escaping from your home is through uncovered windows? And that cold air let into your house from cracks and gaps can account to 15-25% of heat loss?

Winter’s right on our doorstep so we’ve come up with 10 tips to help you stay warm at home without breaking the bank or using excess energy.  


  1. Close off areas and rooms not in use, to reduce where you need to heat. This will also ensure that heated areas are kept warm more efficiently.
  1. If you’re at home during the day, keep the curtains open to let the sun in. However, once the sun’s down, keep curtains closed to retain warmth, as up to 40% of the heat escaping from your home in winter is from windows that are uncovered. If possible, use heavy, lined curtains for the best impact.
  1. Instead of using an electric blanket or heater in your room, try adding another blanket, or using a wheat bag or hot water bottle first.

  2. Cover up bare floors with rugs to help retain heat.

  3. Wear the right clothes before you switch the heating on. Embrace winter layering, woollies and slippers.

  4. Seal up any cracks and gaps that let cold air in, particularly around windows, doors, and walls. Door snakes are an easy option to stop pesky cold draughts!

  5. Turn power points off from the wall as the standby setting on many products use electricity that you could easily save. Standby electricity may add up to 10% of your total electricity bill and is reported to cost Australians $860 million a year. 

  6. Make sure your heaters are up to scratch, dust free and clean, so they run efficiently.

  7. Watch the temperature on your heater! Heating can account for 30% of your bill during winter, and as a handy tip, every degree over 20 can add 10% to your bill.

  8. Reuse your oven heat by opening the oven door after you've switched it off, to let the remaining warm air heat up your home.


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