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Battery Stewardship Solutions for Australia

Date: 29-Jun-16
Author: Ryan Collins

Batteries mixed © Amy Nancarrow

Electronic devices are proliferating in the home, at work and for recreational purposes, and their dependence on batteries is unavoidable. The growth in electric bikes and vehicles is also booming, as is interest in energy storage solutions associated with renewable energy technologies.

While the enthusiasm and investment to commercialise and promote new battery-using products is significant, there is relative silence and inaction when it comes to the same suppliers and manufacturers providing take-back and recycling solutions that support their customers and protect the environment.

The need to keep single-use and rechargeable batteries out of landfill is now well established based on community expectations and environmental harm, especially where hazardous or toxic substances are involved. Avoiding contamination of other recyclables with batteries is also essential.

Importantly, end-of-life batteries (under 5Kgs) are currently on the Australian Government’s Product List for possible action under the Product Stewardship Act.

Australiasian Waste & Recycling Expo: Spotlight on E-Waste

The Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo is holding a ‘Visions for Future Battery Recycling’ Seminar session which will feature a discussion panel of well-informed, solutions focused stakeholders from ABRI, Canon Australia, Officeworks, Ecoative, Panasonic Australia and many more, who can share their vision, views and ideas for the future of battery recycling in Australia. The panelists are solution-oriented and reflect diverse sectors and industries:

View the 2016 AWRE Seminar series

This article was originally published on the Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo website.


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