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Recycle Right and Have a Cuppa

Date: 22-Jul-16
Author: Ryan Collins

T2 packaging and the Australian Recycling Label © Planet Ark

Now you can sit down and relax with a nice cup of tea knowing you’ve disposed of the packaging correctly.

T2 is the latest company to have products appearing in stores displaying the Australian Recycling Label

Confusion is one of the main reasons recyclables end up in the garbage and contaminants, like plastic bags, end up in the recycling.  The Label has been designed to remove this confusion by giving you clear and simple instructions about the correct disposal of components of a pack. 

In the case of T2 products, the label shows that the cardboard box is recyclable in your kerbside service while the plastic bag should be disposed of in the garbage. The Label displays these instructions by using a solid, black recycling symbol (the mobius loop) while a black bar is added across the loop to show the plastic bag is not recyclable (and should be disposed of in the garbage).    

The Australian Recycling Label is different to other recycling symbols displayed on products as it is underpinned by an evidence based tool, the Packaging Recyclability Eligibility Portal (PREP), which examines the technical recyclability and access to collection services for all of the components of a pack. 

T2 is the third company to have products on shelf displaying the label. Officeworks and Blackmores both have a wide selection of products with the label.  More products will be coming online over the coming months. 

In future the Label may be used to promote the use non-kerbside recycling programs. An example is the RedGroup soft plastics program that collects plastic bags for recycling in some supermarkets. The T2 plastic bags can go into these bins.   


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