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Launch of Positive Environment News

Date: 13-Dec-16
Author: Brad Gray

Positive Environment News - Subscribe Now For Inspiration © Marty Middlebrook

Positive Environment News - Subscribe Now For Inspiration

Environmental news can be depressing. Mainstream and environmental news services including Planet Ark's long-running World Environment News, are full of articles about natural disasters, animal deaths, air and water pollution, waste, resource depletion, carbon emissions and other negative stories.

While it's important, in fact essential, that these negative stories are told, it can have a damaging effect on readers who see bad news piled on top of bad news. The overwhelming nature of negative news can lead people to becoming disengaged and turning away from important information.

To help redress this negative balance Planet Ark is re-framing the World Environment News as the Positive Environment News. Each day we will search the world for examples of news stories that inspire, that encourage, that mobilise, and that show there is a great deal of positive action happening around the world.

The stories might focus on national examples like Canada's federal government adopting a national carbon price for the first time or a local story such as in Copenhagen bikes now outnumbering cars. It might focus on technological developments like the CSIRO making their solar thermal discoveries available to China, but in all cases the stories will provide an antidote to the current focus on negativity.

We will post regular positive news articles on our social media channels including the Planet Ark Facebook and Twitter pages and each week these stories will be compiled into an electronic newsletter and sent to subscribers around Australia and the world.

So get a dose of Positive News by checking out the latest edition and subscribing the the regular (weekly) newsletter .

Subscribe to Positive Environment News.


Brad                                              Gray
Author: Brad Gray

Brad was Planet Ark's Head of Campaigns for 10 years. He trained and worked as a history and geography teacher before moving into the health education sector for 14 years. With a strong passion for human environments, Brad started with Planet Ark in 2007 as Recycling Programs Manager.

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