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GP Super Clinic - a Stunning Example of Nature Connected Design

Date: 11-Apr-17
Author: David Rowlinson

GP Super Clinic, Caboolture © David Rowlinson

GP Super Clinic, Caboolture

Wilson Architects’ design for the new GP Super Clinic in Caboolture is a stunning example of nature connected design. Unlike institutional designs traditionally employed by clinics, the facility features vertical gardens, fish ponds and an atrium to foster a feeling of healing and respite.

Caboolture local Fiona Heckelmann says the light-filled spaces provide an organic and calming atmosphere. “From a patient’s perspective, it’s revitalising and refreshing – because of the fact that you’re surrounded by nature and life,” she said.

“When a building makes you feel this good you just know that at the very beginning, someone stood here and considered all of the factors – light, space, breezes, ergonomics, and most importantly, how it was going to be used.”

The design approach focuses on the experience of the occupants and visitors using an approach that promotes wellbeing in healthcare, and focuses on factors that support human health, rather than on factors that cause disease.

Hamilton Wilson, Managing Director of Wilson Architects, says design is critical to health and wellbeing, and can make a big impact on projects of all sizes, even on a small scale. “We design places for people. Through better design, the GP Super Clinic will in fact, enable better patient outcomes,” he said.

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David                                             Rowlinson
Author: David Rowlinson

Make it Wood Program Manager

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