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Video: Tesla's Elon Musk Talks Solar Homes, Boring Company and Electric Trucks

Date: 05-May-17
Author: Marty Middlebrook

Elon Musk talks about how rooves will soon have solar panels strong enough to outlive the building. © Tesla

Elon Musk talks about how rooves will soon have solar panels strong enough to outlive the building.

Tesla founder Elon Musk seems to be starting a new company every other day - this time the announcement was that he's going underground - literally. In this 40 minute video the entrepeneur talks to TED curator, Chris Anderson, about his vision for the future.

Firstly the Boring Company - Musk discusses the need to create better transport systems and to unclog congestion we need to go underground. The Boring Company plans to build massive underground tunnel systems in Los Angeles to begin with, and once the technology has increased in efficiency - Musk sees cars on "skates" as the way of the future. "There's no limit to how fast they can travel if everyone's on skates" Musk told Anderson.

The conversation moved to the Tesla self-driving cars, and Tesla's plans for a fully eletric truck, that he argued could out-perform diesel trucks by the end of the year.

His vision for solar rooves is that, rather than panels - the roof will be made from harden glass that would outsurvive the rest of the structure. "Eventually almost all houses will have a solar roof." Musk said. "Most houses... have enough roof sunlight to power the whole house".

Musk discussed his plans to create 4 more "Gigafactories" around the world able to produce 100 giagwatt hours per year. Musk says he thinks the world will need 100 of these to move the world away from fossil fuels.

He mentions his conversations with Donald Trump, arguing that he was able to argue in favour of Immigration and Climate Change action.

Finally the talk turned to his SpaceX program and why focus on Mars when there are so many things to be done on Earth. Musk responded that he sees the future a as a stream of probabilities, and actions we take now can impact those probabilities. He argued that sustainable energy is inevitable, fossil fuels will run out so even if Tesla didn't exist, mankind would have to find alternative energies. Becoming a multi-planet species is not inevitable, and if we don't focus on it the ability to do great things will degrade.

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Author: Marty Middlebrook

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