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Schools are going solar with Planet Ark Power

Date: 21-Sep-17
Author: Martin Daniel

Sienna Catholic College Solar Rooftop © Claire Bell

Sienna Catholic College Solar Rooftop

Australia is the world leader in residential rooftop solar but isn't even in the top 20 for business and organisational installations. So Planet Ark has teamed up with GoZERO to create Planet Ark Power.

The program's aim is to speed up the installation of solar panels on non-residential rooftops across Australia.We enable businesses, schools, councils, shopping centres, car parks and more to generate their own clean solar power and implement energy efficiency and storage technologies with the minimum financial outlay.

Schools Initiative

Planet Ark is taking a specific focus on helping increase the uptake of solar PV on schools throughout Australia. Through solar PV installations schools can benefit from both financial savings as well as promoting environmental stewardship and providing an educational tool for students to learn about energy sources, alternatives, efficiency and issues relating to energy usage.

By reducing their monthly power expenses schools can make significant savings that can be used in other areas. Through each step of the process a Planet Ark Power solar system installation is designed to be easy. We take all the hassle out of obtaining a free, no obligation detailed solar proposal. All design and analysis of our solar systems is undertaken by qualified clean energy council accredited solar system designers, and installations are performed by a national network of accredited installers.

Environmental stewardship is a positive step that schools can take to promote social responsibility to their students and community. Solar Power can double as an opportunity for learning not just about the environmental benefits of solar electricity but also the need to be more efficient in our energy usage. Planet Ark can help develop lesson programs based around the solar installations undertaken and how this clean energy technology can help fight the effects of climate change.

Through the Planet Ark Power customer portal, planned for release early 2018, schools will be able to login to view usage patterns and carbon savings, as well as make comparisons with other schools who have signed up to share information through the Planet Ark Power’s Solar Network. Schools who do not have Planet Ark Power systems can still sign up to join the Planet Ark Solar Schools Network and will be able to share data from their installations with other schools of their choosing.

Planet Ark has already helped a number of schools around Australia reduce their annual power bills by utilising otherwise unused roof space on their buildings. To register please contact to start the no obligation process of getting your school hooked up to the sun.

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Martin                                            Daniel
Author: Martin Daniel

Martin comes to Planet Ark having worked as an applied materials scientist for ten years and managing a Materials Testing Laboratory for the last seven of this. Having taken a keen interest in renewable energy and climate policy Martin started a Masters in Environmental Science and Law in 2015. Martin now works as the Planet Ark Power Program Manager primarily focused on accelerating the uptake of solar PV in the commercial sector in Australia

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