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What's so special about Naturale?

Date: 12-Oct-17
Author: Nell MacDonald

Naturale product picture- no wrapping © Nell McDonald

Toilet paper is an essential item in every home across the country.  Making the switch to using recycled toilet paper makes a big, positive difference to the environment. If every Australian household used Naturale in just one bathroom we would be diverting the equivalent of 55,000 tonnes of waste paper from landfill every year.

When you see the Planet Ark endorsed logo on a product like Naturale, it means we have meticulously reviewed the environmental claims of that product. We can confirm that the Naturale range is as soft on the environment as it is on you. And you don’t have to worry about inferior quality - gone are the days of poor quality recycled toilet paper and paper towel products.

By choosing  Naturale toilet paper and paper towel products you can be sure you are supporting a product that is;

Naturale is manufactured in an advanced recycling centre in Brisbane. Used office paper is mixed with water to create pulp, which is cleaned and sterilised in a completely chlorine free process to create quality toilet paper and kitchen tissue. This process uses significantly fewer resources compared to toilet paper produced using virgin paper.

Make the switch to Naturale toilet tissue and do your bit to complete the recycle cycle!

Remember to recycle the wrapping by taking it to your nearest REDcycle drop off location at Coles and Woolworths.

Why is Naturale wrapped in plastic?

Good question! And we admire your commitment to make good environmental choices however, as this is a supermarket product the plastic wrapping is essential in ensuring no product is wasted. Moisture can damage the product from spills, moisture in the air and condensation from other products in your trolley. Wasted product in transportation and storage also means wasting the energy, water and resources that went into creating the product. While we can’t comment on all products, other ‘paper wrapped’ supermarket brands are often wrapped in plastic lined paper in order to also ensure their protection. We are aware that some non-supermarket brands individually wrap their tissue products in paper, however we choose to endorse products that are stocked in supermarkets and widely available to the public. This allows us to help people make positive choices in their daily and weekly shop to the supermarket.

Naturale has committed to providing the best possible option for this wrap by signing up to the REDcycle program, which has free soft plastic collection bins in selected Coles and Woolworths. Soft plastics like this wrapper can be made into outdoor seating, picnic benches, signs and more. Naturale’s support of Red Group is instrumental in ensuring this program can become more widespread across Australia, allowing more soft plastics to be recycled nationally.

What else is Naturale doing for the Environment?

Proceeds from Naturale sales have been used to extend, protect and recover the Daintree Rainforest. Naturale has purchased six Daintree Rainforest sites for protection from any harmful development and have helped enhance and protect the biodiversity of the rainforest through planting 4000 trees and funding the conservation of the endangered Cassowary Corridor.


Nell                                              MacDonald
Author: Nell MacDonald

Nell is Special Projects Manager at Planet Ark.

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