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Revolutionary eco-friendly furniture the way of the future

Date: 26-Oct-17
Author: Helen Nolan

Pentatonic Furniture is turning trash into high design © Pentatonic

Pentatonic Furniture is turning trash into high design

Eco-friendly furniture has become a design trend in its own right with the green movement hitting the home decor world in a big way. Forward thinking companies are leading with green credentials in consideration of less waste, less impact and leaving a lower carbon footprint.

UK Furniture Company Pentatonic is one such start up that has launched a line of eco-friendly furniture at this year’s London Design Festival. Not only have the creative folks at Pentatonic created an innovative range of products made from post-consumer waste such as plastic drinking bottles and smart phone glass, they have also made each component of their furniture from one single material. This addresses the recycling challenge of different materials being mixed together as it can be very difficult to extract one from the other.

By making their pieces modular, individual parts can always be replaced with redundant components sold back to Pentatonic, so that each piece can be re-used and recycled several times over. Each component has its own unique ID number so it can be tracked throughout its whole lifespan and the customer can find out exactly where it was made and where it came from. 

Pentatonic’s engineering and design team share over 15 years’ experience in creating planet-saving, design-lead alternatives and solutions. In the process, they invent new materials out of our trash without compromising on design, performance or function. Such a thoughtful, clever approach educates whilst improving the quality of our lives.

Buying recycled products helps save natural resources providing environmental benefits. Recycled material takes less energy to produce, slashes pollution and saves on water, plus our consumer cast-offs won’t end up as landfill - they could even end up as eco-friendly, functional designer furniture! The environmental benefits of recycling as much as we possibly can, as well as buying products made from recycled materials, make a huge difference to our environment, our quality of life and our country’s future.

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Helen                                             Nolan
Author: Helen Nolan

Helen pursues philanthropic endeavours that underpin her desire to care and nourish. She loves all creatures great and small and is thrilled to be writing for Planet Ark.

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