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Carbon Neutral Community Precincts

Date: 14-Nov-17
Author: Martin Daniel

Carbon Neutral Community Precincts © Nell McDonald

Planet Ark Power, Incorp and the t3 Initiative along with the WELL Institute have all partnered to develop carbon neutral community precincts. Central to this will be the creation of  Urban Solar Farms.

This is a solar power sharing network within a precinct that allows a number of individual solar panel installations across rooftops and carparks to be able to work together via a cloud based management system. This ensures that the precinct gets maximum usage out of what would otherwise be unused rooftop space.

The key to an Urban Solar Farm is the dStatcom developed by Elevare, the R&D sister company to Planet Ark Power. In the national electricity grid the amount of solar electricity penetration is limited due to concerns over stability of the network. 

The Planet Ark Power dStatcom has been developed to allow penetration of solar power into the electricity network beyond the traditional limits allowing for a largely solar powered network. This ground-breaking technology comes at a fraction of the weight (roughly one twentieth) of a traditional Statcom device saving on materials and space at the same time.

The Planet Ark Power dStatcom is also significantly cheaper than the technology it replaces. By allowing for the realisation of the distributed solar network this technology is paving the way for the clean energy revolution.

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Martin                                            Daniel
Author: Martin Daniel

Martin comes to Planet Ark having worked as an applied materials scientist for ten years and managing a Materials Testing Laboratory for the last seven of this. Having taken a keen interest in renewable energy and climate policy Martin started a Masters in Environmental Science and Law in 2015. Martin now works as the Planet Ark Power Program Manager primarily focused on accelerating the uptake of solar PV in the commercial sector in Australia

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