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UK renewables created three times the power of coal in 2017

Date: 18-Jan-18
Author: Josh Cole

A report from Sheffield University shows that UK renewable sources provided over 3 times the energy of coal

A report from Sheffield University shows that UK renewable sources provided over 3 times the energy of coal

Sheffield University and BM Reports have released statistics showing that the renewable sector in the United Kingdom outperformed coal power generation more than three-fold in the year up to December 12.

The UK government previously called for the phasing out of coal power that doesn't employ carbon capture by 2025 which, alongside a decline in investment, has encouraged alternative energy sources.

In fact coal-fired power stations now produce less than 7% of the UK's energy, a heartening statistic for environmentalists and the renewable energy sector despite concerns that an increased focus on natural gas as a power source will offest the environmental benefits of coal's decline.

Meanwhile in Australia AGL has announced that their proposed renewable replacement option for the coal-fired Liddell Power Station would be more affordable on a wholesale basis, a major milestone for renewable energy after the issues of energy security and affordability dominated Australian political debate in 2017.

The issue has also spurred Australian investment in energy storage, including South Australia's purchase of the world's largest battery from Tesla (1), and the Northern Territory's newly announced plan to purchase the world's second largest battery (2) in 2018.

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Author: Josh Cole

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