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Taking sustainable fashion to new heights

Date: 01-Feb-18
Author: Josh Cole

The Australian Circular Fashion Conference aims to look at the life cycle of fashion and how to make it sustainable both environmentally and financially © Australian Circular Fashion Conference

The Australian Circular Fashion Conference aims to look at the life cycle of fashion and how to make it sustainable both environmentally and financially

This article comes from the founder of the Australian Circular Fashion Conference, Camille Reed.

The Australian Circular Fashion Conference aims to take fashion sustainability to new heights in 2018.

Fashion, no matter what your clothes look like, is a key part of our everyday lives. But have you ever thought about how sustainable your fashion items may be? The good news is, the fashion industry will no longer need to continue being unsustainable in order to remain profitable.

Australia’s first, industry only, Circular Fashion Conference will be held in Sydney on 22 March and is set to address this challenge. The conference will focus on fashion sustainability, reducing the strain on natural resources and the negative environmental impacts of current practices as well as providing support for future economic growth in Australia’s fashion retail businesses.

Our primary aim is to first and foremost educate and start important conversations with the biggest and most influential parties in the Australian retail fashion industry. We’ve brought together experts who are excited to collaborate and share their knowledge of how the apparel sector is tackling sustainability overseas.

For the first time, industry experts in Australian fashion such as Clara Vuletich, Gordon Renouf, Lisa Heinze, Andrew Sellick, Graham Ross, plus many more, will come together to provide the means for circular and sustainable practice implementation. Their aim is to help the Australian Fashion Industry into successfully becoming world leaders in responsible fashion and equip them with tools to make their businesses more economically viable for future growth.

Given the growing constraints on resources that fashion organisations have previously had at their disposal, this is great opportunity for fashion retail businesses to attend and find out how, why and where to choose the sustainable options going forth.

A company’s approach to sustainability management is indicative of how it deals with stakeholders in general, including consumers, regulators and shareholders, it can serve as a proxy of management quality.

That approach will start by coming together with other like-minded sustainability-driven enterprises to begin transforming the way business is done in retail circles.

The Australian Fashion Industry has the opportunity and market resources to become innovative leaders to overcome world market change. We have the solutions to sustain business longevity.

Australian Circular Fashion Conference will cover numerous angles of the fashion industry as our experts introduce better tools and resources for creating economically viable businesses for the future. Attendees will learn in more depth what sustainability means and what responsible practice looks like from Research and Development processing, manufacturing and life-cycle-assessment.

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