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Woolcool turns waste wool into insulation wonder

Date: 15-Feb-18

Woolcool uses wool that previously got thrown away to sustainably insulate food © Woolcool

Woolcool uses wool that previously got thrown away to sustainably insulate food

The rise and rise of home delivery services has been a major lifestyle trend over the past couple of years, revolutionising the way we eat at home and the humble ‘night in’.

From the planet’s perspective, however, the myriad of take-away containers and bags required for just one home-delivered meal can be mind-boggling! Adding to that concern is the fact that non-biodegradable Expanded Polystyrene is a main form of packaging.

Woolcool, an insulation material created from waste wool, is one product countering the concern caused by EPS and other traditional packaging. Developed by sustainable innovator Planet Protector, the product is a biodegradable, recyclable and compostable, and ideal for the delivery of products requiring temperature control – like food.

Planet Ark has joined forces with Planet Protector to promote Woolcool, and to encourage businesses to embrace renewable packaging alternatives.

“The number of home delivery services using unsustainable packaging is a major environmental concern, which is why we proudly endorse the Woolcool product range and are looking forward to seeing it evolve,” said Kristie Baker, Partner Relations Manager at Planet Ark.

The Woolcool range includes lined cardboard boxes, pouches and postal packs, and is available at

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