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Paper or plastic?

Date: 15-Feb-18
Author: Billy Pringle

VTT was one of the winners of 2018 Circular Materials Challenge © VTT

VTT was one of the winners of 2018 Circular Materials Challenge

An award-winning innovation in bioplastic design could replace cling wrap with a biodegradable product made from cellulose.

New Plastics Economy launched their $2m Innovation Prize in May 2017 to address the 30% of plastic packaging items that are either too small or too complex to be recycled with current technology.

Among the winners was VTT Technical Research Institute of Finland. VTT's design uses plant-based cellulose from wood, recycled fibres, textile waste and agricultural residue to make a renewable, recyclable and biodegradable product that could replace cling wrap.

VTT's material is made from two different types of cellulose which together look and perform like plastic. Despite being made from the same material as paper, it can be used to package anything from cereal and nuts to meat or cheese, and even some liquids. Products like VTT's could replace up to 15% of the current plastic wrap market.

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Author: Billy Pringle

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