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Guilt free tea-bags, frozen food and paper drinking straws

Date: 01-Mar-18
Author: Josh Cole

Plastic lined teabags are on the way out at a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom

Plastic lined teabags are on the way out at a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom

Single-use plastic is a hot topic at the moment, so hot that Queen Elizabeth has moved to ban it from Buckingham Palace.

But bans aren’t the only solution to plastic. Businesses around the world are selling products that use more environmentally friendly materials.

UK supermarket chain Co-op Food is developing plastic-free paper teabags that are easily compostable. The chain sells 367 million bags a year, meaning a lot of plastic could be taken out of circulation following testing later this year.

Also in the UK, frozen food company Iceland is redesigning its products to cut plastic out of the loop, a design choice we’d love to see adopted by frozen food manufacturers around the world.

Meanwhile our neighbours in New Zealand are fighting the scourge of plastic straws, with the Wellington Hospitality Group opting to cut plastic straws from 25 venues.

And last but not least, Planet Ark has teamed up with Woolcool, a sustainable food insulation solution that turns waste wool into packaging.

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Josh                                              Cole
Author: Josh Cole

Josh comes to Planet Ark after a stint in legal communication and from a background in print journalism. He studied Communications and Media as a mature age student in Wollongong where he re-discovered his love for the natural environment.

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