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The Swedish fitness craze that's good for you and the environment

Date: 15-Mar-18
Author: Laura Chalk

Plogging is a fitness craze that encourages people to pick up litter while jogging © Bigthink

Plogging is a fitness craze that encourages people to pick up litter while jogging

Want to keep fit and do your bit for the environment - but don’t have time for both? Plogging is the answer!

‘Plogging’ is a fitness movement that started in Sweden and a social media phenomenon. The term is a mix of jogging and ‘plocka upp’ – Swedish for picking up rubbish.

Plogging combines cardio with squats, as runners pick up rubbish which is strewn along their jogging routes.

According to the Australian National Waste Report 2016 Australia produces about 64 million tonnes of waste every year. While around 60 percent of this is recycled, plogging could help cut back on that other 40% that’s discarded around streets, river sides and parks.

To plog all a jogger needs to do is collect litter on their daily jog and find a responsible place to dispose of it afterwards. Many ploggers take litter home to place in their kerbside recycling bin.

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Author: Laura Chalk

Laura joined Planet Ark in 2016. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience having travelled the world and a background in teaching English as a second language among other things.

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