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True colours - how simple bin changes cut waste at ANZ Stadium

Date: 28-Mar-18
Author: Josh Cole

Simple colour-coding has helped ANZ Stadium divert 128.5 tonnes of material from landfill a year © NSW EPA

Simple colour-coding has helped ANZ Stadium divert 128.5 tonnes of material from landfill a year

Australia’s second-largest stadium has reduced waste by almost 130 tonnes a year with the help of the New South Wales EPA’s Bin Trim program.

ANZ Stadium can hold up to 83,500 people, hosting sport and entertainment events which lead to lots of fun - but lots of waste.

Cardboard in particular was a problem, as back of house staff would mix it with co-mingled recycling or general waste, making it hard or impossible to recycle. That’s where the New South Wales EPA’s Bin Trim Program came in, with its goal of helping small and medium-sized businesses identify ways to reduce waste and boost profits.

A free assessment and a $20,150 rebate allowed the stadium to buy colour-coded bins so that staff could properly sort waste and other materials, diverting 128.5 tonnes of material from landfill every year. It was a simple change with massive benefits that were greatly appreciated by staff.

Tim Brady, ANZ Stadium’s Senior Manager of Venue Operations, said Bin Trim was exactly what they needed to make the change.

“The solution to our waste challenge was simple but we needed a change in thinking and a kick-start from a resourcing perspective.”

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Author: Josh Cole

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