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Renewables produced more than twice as much new energy as fossil fuels in 2017

Date: 12-Apr-18
Author: Josh Cole

New renewable capacity was more than double that of fossil fuels in 2017 according to the UN

New renewable capacity was more than double that of fossil fuels in 2017 according to the UN

New Chinese solar projects and an international interest in electricity grid stability are helping to make renewables the bigger, better option for power generation.

A report from the United Nations has found that solar power alone was responsible for 98 gigawatts of new power capacity worldwide last year, compared to 70 gigawatts created by fossil fuels in the same period.

When combined with other sources such as wind, bio-fuels and geothermal energy renewable sources accounts for 157 gigawatts of new capacity, an increase of 124% over fossil fuels including coal and gas.

At Planet Ark we saw our for-profit partner Planet Ark Power experience a stellar first year in 2017, winning contracts in South Australia and Queensland at distribution centres, motor dealerships and sporting facilities all looking for affordable, sustainable power.

It will take time before renewables completely overtake fossil fuels but we look forward to seeing the overall power mix turn to greener options.

For more details check out Econews.

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Author: Josh Cole

Josh comes to Planet Ark after a stint in legal communication and from a background in print journalism. He studied Communications and Media as a mature age student in Wollongong where he re-discovered his love for the natural environment.

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