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How to become a bulk recycling collection point for Nespresso

Date: 05-Feb-19
Author: Lacey-Mai Shea

Nespresso bulk recycling - workplace © Claire Bell

The 2018 National Recycling Week report showed us that over 90% of Australians believe recycling at home is the right thing to do. So, how can workplaces demonstrate their responsibility to ‘doing the right thing’ for their employees? One way to demonstrate the business’ commitment to the environment is to offer convenient recycling options for everyday items.

Above and beyond the usual office supply recycling programs, many companies now offer consumer and business recycling programs to conveniently benefit both parties with a central drop off location. A good example of this is Nespresso’s Bulk Recycling collection program.

Through Nespresso’s recycling program, used capsules are collected and sent to the recycling facility in Nowra, NSW. After being separated, the used coffee is sent to an organics facility to be transformed into compost and the aluminium is sent back to the industry to produce new products.

Setting up a recycling collection point in your workplace can make a simple difference by educating others on the recyclability of everyday items such as aluminium coffee capsules.

Here’s how it works:

By choosing recyclable products in the office, such as Nespresso portioned coffee, you are providing a second life for both your coffee and its aluminium capsule.

If you’re looking for a coffee solution for your workspace, contact Nespresso Professional on 1800 182 206 or visit

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Lacey-Mai                                         Shea
Author: Lacey-Mai Shea

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