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A power positive partnership for businesses

Date: 05-Feb-19
Author: Rachel Rayner

Solar panels on roof © Claire Bell

Planet Ark knows businesses are integral to supporting sustainable, reliable energy in Australia. That’s why we have partnered with GoZERO to create Planet Ark Power: a solar engineering and technology company producing sophisticated clean energy and battery storage systems. The aim is to help businesses capitalise on their rooftop space to lower their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Currently, solar technology works best when the sun is at its peak – during the middle of the day. At this time, the sun is emitting about 400 trillion trillion watts of power onto the Earth every hour. In each solar panel, the visible light from the sun (rather than UV or infrared light) gives electrons in the panel enough energy to move, creating an electrical current that is harvested and used as power.

With 12 million people at work and 4 million children at school in Australia during this peak energy production time, solar-powered homes are harvesting wasted electricity. However, commercial solar has the ability to use solar energy during the day to power everything, from their employee’s laptops to heavy-duty machinery. Businesses, organisations and schools are in a prime position to benefit from solar technology.

Australia is a world leader in per capita residential solar installations, but we are lagging behind in the commercial space. With the cost of solar now less than the cost of most alternative electricity sources, it makes sense to use the free energy from the sun (a small part of those trillions and trillions of watts) to operate businesses and organisations.

Planet Ark Power is positioned to help businesses make the transition to a clean energy source. With technologies designed to optimise energy usage and reduce dependency on the main power grid, business owners have the opportunity to invest in their company’s future while being a part of the climate-change solution.

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Rachel                                            Rayner
Author: Rachel Rayner

After eight years as a science communicator around the globe, Rachel wanted to concentrate on supporting the environment and discussing energy generation. At Planet Ark she can do both – putting her studies in physics, arts and communication to good use.

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