Workers at tech giant demand climate action

Date: 29-Apr-19
Author: Liam Taylor

Due to its overwhelming reliance on shipping products to customers that might be large distances away, Amazon's carbon footprint is large.

Due to its overwhelming reliance on shipping products to customers that might be large distances away, Amazon's carbon footprint is large.

Over 6,000 employees at multinational technology company Amazon have banded together to demand the company do better environmentally in an open letter to their employer.

The worker-driven collective action calls on the company to rethink how it addresses and contributes to a warming planet by developing a climate action plan to address its carbon footprint with firm targets. The number of employees supporting the movement makes it the largest employee-driven movement on climate change in the tech industry to date.

The letter states Amazon needs to make firm commitments to reduce its carbon footprint across its vast international operations, not just vague announcements about sustainability. They also request the company stop offering the custom cloud-computing services they provide to help the fossil fuel industry find and extract more oil and gas.

The letter also supports use of the financial stock workers receive as compensation to demand change in the organisation. As shareholders, the workers can file resolutions urging corporate changes that investors can vote on at annual meetings. 

In a unique move, the Amazon employees who signed the letter went the extra step of making their names public. In previous tech industry activist movements, such as the mass walk-out at Google over its handling of sexual harassment claims, most employees have remained anonymous.


Positive Action

  • Is your business doing enough to reduce its carbon footprint? Check out our War on Waste Toolkit for Business for tips and tools that can help your organisation be more environmentally friendly.
  • If you feel strongly about the need for more to be done about climate change, make your voice heard! Contact your employer and/or government representatives to ask for greater action.


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Liam                                              Taylor
Author: Liam Taylor

Liam is Planet Ark's Communications Coordinator. Prior to joining Planet Ark Liam spent his time studying global environmental issues, travelling Southeast Asia on the cheap and working for a sustainable property management company in Bali, Indonesia.

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