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Extinction Rebellion protests lead to big win in climate fight

Date: 06-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor

Official recognition of the climate emergency was one of Extinction Rebellion's stated aims. Image: Joel De Vriend/Unsplash © Joel De Vriend/Unsplash

Official recognition of the climate emergency was one of Extinction Rebellion's stated aims. Image: Joel De Vriend/Unsplash

While previous climate protests have generally failed to encourage tangible action, the Extinction Rebellion protests recorded their first big win last week. Thanks to pressure from the grassroots environmental group that launched in October of last year, the United Kingdom has become the first country in the world to officially declare a national climate emergency.

Whilst a climate emergency is not a positive thing in and of itself, the UK government’s announcement reflects growing political awareness of climate change and willingness to act. The motion, which was intended to demonstrate the will of parliament to act without legally compelling them to do so, was approved without a vote after being proposed by Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

“This is the first step in the government telling the truth about the climate and ecological emergency,” said the Extinction Rebellion group in a statement.

“Pressure on politicians will now increase as nothing but decisive action will suffice.”

The Extinction Rebellion protests took place over 10 days in April this year, with tens of thousands of people committing acts of disobedience including blocking traffic and blockading the offices of multinational oil and gas companies. The collective action directly resulted in two parliamentary debates, which were rounded off this week with the successful climate emergency motion.

Climate change as an issue is rising once more as a policy flash-point and it’s not restricted to the UK. In Australia, the environment has emerged as the number one issue in the ABC’s vote compass and the 2019 Triple J What's Up In Your World survey of young people found climate change was the most important election issue.


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Author: Liam Taylor

Prior to joining Planet Ark Liam spent his time studying global environmental issues, travelling Southeast Asia on the cheap and working for a sustainable property management company in Bali, Indonesia. Joining the communications team at Planet Ark, he hopes to inspire positive environmental behaviour through effective and positive messaging.

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