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Is your organisation ready for the VIC e-waste ban?

Date: 09-Jul-19
Author: Liam Taylor

The Victorian government has banned all e-waste from landfill to prevent valuable materials going to waste.

The Victorian government has banned all e-waste from landfill to prevent valuable materials going to waste.

Victoria generates around 105,000 tonnes of electronic waste per year and more than half of that goes to landfill*. Last year the Victorian Government announced that they would be banning electronic waste from landfill from July 2019. So, what will this mean for your organisation?

The Victorian Government’s ban on e-waste in landfills came into effect on 1 July 2019. It aims to encourage safe management of hazardous materials found in e-waste and enable greater recovery of the valuable materials. It is hoped this will improve environmental outcomes and ultimately lead to a more stable recycling industry and increased jobs.

E-waste basically includes everything with a plug or battery, from TVs, computers and mobile phones to batteries power tools and kitchen appliances. The move to ban these items from landfill is one Planet Ark wholeheartedly supports, with e-waste currently growing at a rate three times faster than any other waste stream in Australia. However, there may be some short-term growing pains as Victorian businesses, schools and households adjust to the change.

Planet Ark’s Business Recycling service provides information on e-waste recycling for workplaces and listings will be updated as more options become available.

For more information on the type of electronic goods covered by the ban and how to deal with them, visit our information page on Victoria's e-waste ban.


What should organisations do?

Here are our top tips to navigate the e-waste ban in Victoria:

  1. Avoid creating e-waste in the first place and buy less and only if really needed. It helps to purchase higher quality products that last and don’t forget to ask about brand and retailer warranty commitments.
  2. Repair by taking advantage of product warranties but also regularly check and service appliances. You could try Repair Cafes or social enterprises like Enable.
  3. Reuse by selling or passing it on for free via digital platforms
  4. Recycle by signing up your workplace for a collection box for mobile phones through MobileMuster and printer cartridges through Cartridges 4 Planet Ark. Computer accessories and TVs can be recycled with TechCollect.
  5. Search Business Recycling to recycle other types of e-waste like batteries, power tools and other electrical appliances.
  6. More information can be found on the Sustainability Victoria website.


Liam                                              Taylor
Author: Liam Taylor

Prior to joining Planet Ark Liam spent his time studying global environmental issues, travelling Southeast Asia on the cheap and working for a sustainable property management company in Bali, Indonesia. Joining the communications team at Planet Ark, he hopes to inspire positive environmental behaviour through effective and positive messaging.