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Kenya powers forward with Africa’s largest wind farm

Date: 26-Aug-19
Author: Doug Donnellan

Kenya's Lake Turkana Wind Power Project is the largest project of it's kind in Africa.

Kenya's Lake Turkana Wind Power Project is the largest project of it's kind in Africa.

Earlier this year, Africa’s largest ever wind power plant officially opened near Lake Turkana in northern Kenya. The 310-megawatt facility is made up of 365 turbines and looks to increase the nation’s electricity supply by 13 percent.

"Today, we again raised the bar for the continent as we unveil Africa's single largest wind farm,” Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta said.  “Kenya is without doubt on course to be a global leader in renewable energy."

The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project (LTWPP) comes alongside the country’s goal of achieving a shift to 100% green energy production by 2020, and providing reliable, low-cost electricity to all of its citizens. The initiative will also help with Kenya’s other social and economic goals, such as green job creation and improved food security, housing and healthcare.

The project began in 2014 and cost roughly $700 million, making it the largest private investment in Kenya’s history. Mugo Kibati, chairman of the LTWPP said, “Today marks an important milestone in the country’s steady march towards achieving self-sufficiency in power production. 

Currently, 70 percent of the nation’s power comes from renewables, which is nearly three times the global average. While one in four Kenyans have inadequate access to electricity, especially in rural areas, the green energy expansion is a major leap towards ensuring a stable, accessible grid for everyone across the country.

President Kenyatta said, “This will not only ensure that our nation’s scenic beauty and unique ecosystems are preserved and protected for both present and future generations, but will also ensure that we become energy independent and that our energy supply will be safe as well as predictable.”


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Doug                                              Donnellan
Author: Doug Donnellan

Doug joined Planet Ark's Information Centre team in April 2019 after completing a Master's of Sustainability. As a professional chef with his own catering business, Doug possesses a strong interest in food sustainability.

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