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BINGO opens new recycling centre in Sydney that is powered by solar energy

Date: 09-Mar-20
Author: Rachael Ridley

BINGO Mortdale opening © Rachael Ridley

Long-term partner of Planet Ark, BINGO Industries, has officially opened its new recycling centre in Sydney’s south-west suburb of Mortdale. 100 kilowatts of rooftop solar panels have been installed at the facility by Planet Ark’s sister organisation, Australian solar energy engineering and technology specialists, Planet Ark Power.

Planet Ark’s CEO, Paul Klymenko, said the centre is an example of BINGO’s commitment to implementing high environmental standards across its facilities, which have an average recycling rate of 77%.

“It’s fantastic to see two of our partners, BINGO and Planet Ark Power, working together to create positive environmental change. The Mortdale recycling centre is a great example of how businesses can utilise their vacant roofs to generate environmental and financial benefits,” said Mr Klymenko.

The site’s solar energy system is expected to save the equivalent of almost 2,500 tonnes of C02 emissions from entering the atmosphere over its lifespan. That’s the equivalent of planting 350 trees or taking more than 1,000 cars off the road for a whole year.

As industry leaders in construction and demolition recycling, BINGO acquired the new site to assist in the redevelopment of its Sydney network. Located in proximity to major transport routes, the M5 Motorway and King Georges Road, the Mortdale facility is a convenient location for receiving South West Sydney’s construction, commercial and industrial waste.

Materials collected at the Mortdale facility will be sorted through the newly installed onsite plant. Material offtake will then be transferred to BINGO’s advanced recycling plants at Eastern Creek and Patons Lane where it will be turned into BINGO’s ECO Product range of building and landscaping products; an exemplar of circular economy thinking.

BINGO’s CEO, Daniel Tartak, said the opening of the Mortdale site is well-timed with construction activity expected to increase across Sydney.

“Sydney’s population and economic growth is fuelling an increase in waste volumes and we need recycling infrastructure such as this to prevent waste from going to landfill,” said Mr Tartak.

Recycling centres that can accommodate great quantities of waste are integral to applying circular economy principles in Australia. The 2018 National Waste Report, released by the Department of Environment and Energy, revealed three-quarters of our waste is actually generated by the commercial and industrial (C&I) and construction and demolition (C&D) sectors, with 40% of this waste ending up in landfills.

BINGO and Planet Ark share a vision of a waste-free Australia and have been working in partnership since 2011 to increase the amount of C&I and C&D waste that is recovered and recycled into new products. We will continue to work in partnership to help Australian businesses transition to a circular economy.

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Rachael                                           Ridley
Author: Rachael Ridley

Rachael joined Planet Ark in 2019 after eight years working in media and publishing as a producer, editor and writer. Rachael is excited to use her skills in content creation and communication to instigate positive environmental behaviour change.

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