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Birds make a triumphant return to Menindee Lakes

Date: 08-Apr-20
Author: Jennifer McMillan

Birds return to Menindee Lakes © Jennifer McMillan

Rain has started to bring wetlands back to life across the Murry-Darling Basin. For the first time in three years, Menindee Lakes has received significant flows resulting in the return of migratory birds 

It’s positive news and a relief for the community who have endured long and severe drought conditions, as well as the devastating fish kills in 2019. 

"It's a great feeling, to be honest; lots of pelicans around, there's probably a thousand-odd pelicans up the river," local resident and grape grower Graeme McCrabb told ABC news.

“It's just nice to see it come down. It's been coming down for a few days and to see it finally get here, to be talking about releases instead of dead fish, yeah, it's fantastic." 

The Menindee lake system is comprised of a series of ephemeral lakes located on the lower section of the Murray-Darling river system in far western New South Wales. Margaret Simons describes the critical role the Murray-Darling fulfils in terms of water distribution as “being like a tree, except the sap runs not from root to twigs but in the other direction.” 

Local farmers were ecstatic when water initially started flowing back into the lakes, but flows could still continue for some time. WaterNSW estimates Menindee Lakes could receive a further 290-355 gigalitres of water in the weeks ahead, which would represent approximately 58-71% of the quantity of water in the Sydney Harbour. 

“It was like a kid at Christmas,” Graeme McCrabb, a local grape grower told the Herald after celebrating the first flow of water to reach Menindee Lakes since 2016.  

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Jennifer                                          McMillan
Author: Jennifer McMillan

Jennifer joined the Planet Ark team to support the 2018 National Tree Day campaign. With a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Master’s degree in Journalism, she is passionate about science communication with a focus on multimedia storytelling. Prior to joining the Planet Ark team she travelled to Jordan as a foreign correspondent. She works as a vet nurse in her spare time!

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