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Planet Ark Power’s eleXsys technology receives funding boost from Federal Government

Date: 18-May-20
Author: Rachael Ridley

Planet Ark Power's Executive Director Richard Romanowski and Engineer Dr Domagoj Leskarac © Rachael Ridley

Planet Ark Power's Executive Director Richard Romanowski and Engineer Dr Domagoj Leskarac

Planet Ark’s solar energy partner, Planet Ark Power, has been announced as a recipient of the Federal Government’s Manufacturing Modernisation Fund. The funding of $100,000 will enable Planet Ark Power to invest in capital equipment to expand production and assembly capabilities of its eleXsys® technology at its Queensland manufacturing hub.

The innovative technology platform eleXsys® will accelerate Australia’s transition to a clean energy future by unlocking the full potential of our electricity networks enabling the creation of urban solar farms across the rooftops of commercial businesses and warehouses.

What does eleXsys do?

As the electricity grid was designed to send energy in one direction, some technical challenges (voltage fluctuations) arise when large amounts of distributed solar energy from multiple rooftops are exported to the grid. In order to maintain voltage stability, limitations are increasingly being placed on how much clean energy can be fed into the grid. While this is in the best interest of consumers, it is also a lost opportunity as it restricts how much clean energy can be shared in our communities and impedes our transition to a low-carbon society.

eleXsys®, an advanced power electronics device with artificial intelligence, overcomes these restrictions by regulating voltage at the source, ensuring the safe export of clean energy into the grid. When used in conjunction with batteries, eleXsys uses artificial intelligence to export stored energy at peak periods, ensuring a faster return on investment for businesses and investors.

Why is this technology so important?

In 2019, The German Energy Agency (dena) and the World Energy Council recognised Planet Ark Power as one of the world’s leading start-ups in energy transition. Planet Ark Power’s eleXsys® technology was awarded for its potential to contribute to decarbonising electricity grids without expensive upgrades that drive up energy prices. The cost is borne by companies that benefit from the technology through reduced electricity bills and a new revenue stream from the export of surplus clean energy.

Until now, businesses were unable to export energy into the grid to make large commercial solar installations economically viable, creating no incentive for them to fill their roof spaces with solar beyond their onsite needs. eleXsys® enables businesses to transform under-utilised roof space into a revenue generating asset from which the whole community benefits through access to clean energy and reducing dependency on fossil fuels.

Australia has ideal weather conditions for solar and is already leading the world in residential solar installations. Unfortunately, this is not the case for commercial solar. With thousands of large, vacant roofs on businesses, warehouses and schools across the country, eleXsys® makes it possible for commercial and institutional building owners to contribute to building a clean energy future for Australia.

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