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Advanced Waste and Resource Recovery Facilities Training Workshop

Date: 09-Mar-16
Author: Claire Grant

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With support from the NSW EPA the Waste Contractors & Recyclers Association of NSW (WCRA) is pleased to deliver an Advanced Waste & Resource Recovery Facilities Training Workshop to benefit waste management facility workers, waste and resource recovery educators and supervisors from across NSW. The workshop will be held on:

 Learning outcomes

 The workshop content will cover issues such as:

Each participant will be provided with material that contains guidance and explanations on the above topics. Participants will be lead through the process of completing an application for a licence to carry on a premises-based activity.

Who should attend?

Waste Management & Recycling Industry personnel who are responsible for operations, supervision, compliance, resource recovery, waste education, depot staff, etc. from waste management and resource recovery facilities across NSW.


Tony Khoury, Executive Director, WCRA

For more information on the training, download the flier:

NSW Facility Training


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